Trauma and Abuse Recovery

“I hope you’re somewhere praying – I hope your soul is changing… some things only God can forgive.”


Some past experiences are hard to forget.

It may have been your father, your uncle, a pastor, or a priest, but the way he touched you will not leave your mind.

Past words and deeds stay
with you.

These words have been said, “No one will believe you; I’m a Sunday School teacher.”

The body remembers: the body keeps the score.

Beatings may have come from your mother or a teacher, but the pain still burns.

These words have been said, “This hurts me more than it does you.”

Someone you trusted kept using the name of God to control or dominate you or scare you into compliance.

These words have been said, “God will kill you if you don’t…”

Past wounds can control every aspect of your life.

Some past experiences have a way of interfering with your sleep, with your eating, with your romantic relationships – they invade every day and every part of your life.

Some wounds are not healed by time.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds; but talking, and tears, and time together can go a long way.

Surviving trauma by yourself is overwhelming.

The most important and most difficult work you will ever do is open the door to healing your trauma.

The younger you were, the more often it happened, the less comfort you received, and the less remorse your perpetrator showed, and the more profoundly this has affected you.

Miraculously, you have survived, you have made it to this day – truly, you have my deepest respect.

Therapy provides a safe place to address your trauma.

The greatest healing that I know comes in the context of safe, bounded, compassionate therapy.

My commitment to you is that I will neither invade, nor abandon you; I have real respect for your individuality and the unique personality of your soul.

Your dreams, your music, your poetry, your art, your memories, your words and thoughts – all of these are windows, signs, gateways into the tender places that long to be seen, to be heard, and to be healed.

I hope to serve as part of your healing journey.

Don’t lose another day, another night to hopeless torment!

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