Individual Therapy

Various Reasons for Therapy

People come to do individual therapy because of anxiety, depression, relational difficulties and disappointments, addictive behaviors, stifled professional success, and so forth.

Abuse survivors suffer the triple whammy of feeling anxious, depressed, and hating themselves.

Therapy provides a living avenue for recovery.

Opening Doors with Therapy

The specific reason for entering therapy with me varies; and though it remains a focus, unexpected doors will open that make the process much richer and more life-changing.

Gaining Insights about Yourself

I will ask you to share your history so that I understand where you see yourself on your path.

That will raise questions that will lead to more stories that will – always – lead to new insights for you into shaping your own way of functioning in the world.

Seeing Yourself with Wonder

Sometimes, for the very first time, you’re able to see yourself from the outside with gentle curiosity and wonder about why you think, feel, and react the way you do.

Then and there, you find yourself free to make gentle, compassionate changes to become the person you want to be, the person you truly are.

Exploring Dreams

Dreams are (thank you, Freud) ‘the royal road to the unconscious,’ and we can explore your dream world to get a feel for what is pushed out of your conscious mind – to find the jewels and strength that lie beneath your surface, hidden resources for your health and full development!

I love doing dream work with my clients because of the astonishing creativity you demonstrate.

Often it is our work with your dreams that will finally convince you that you are a miraculous artist and that you have access to solutions for plaguing problems that you never dreamed (ha!).

Healing from Traumatic Experience

Trauma work is hard. It’s a slow, tender journey.

I have found that healing from traumatic experiences only and always comes from sustained compassionate connection with someone who will not invade or abandon you.

‘Only and always’ are together a pre-condition and a promise: it will come in no other way, but it will come.

Trust the process. Start the process. Call me at (615) 289-6546.