Couples’ Therapy

Wrestling with Relationship Problems

Almost everyone who comes to me for individual therapy is aware of wrestling with some relationship issue, whether big or small.

The couples I work with bring that relationship into the room!

Guidance in Dealing with the Problem

I know the pain, frustration, confusion – even desperation – of conflict in relationship, both inside and outside.

I bring to couples’ therapy not just good ideas and solid research, but many years of road-tested experience.

It could be as simple (using this term loosely!) as not feeling seen or heard or understood.

Or perhaps right now you are in crisis in your relationship and need help defining your separate and combined response to it.

Whether you are searching for deeper connection or trying to resolve a crisis, I have something for you.

Tools of the Trade

The Enneagram (see for a valid, reliable test) is the most useful tool I have studied for revealing our inner motivations and hidden conflicts.

When I bring it into my work with couples, clients often feel that the lights have been turned on – you can finally begin to see and understand why you and your partner connect (or don’t) and behave (or don’t!) as you do.

Becoming More Intimate

Growth in intimacy is central to all growth in life, and intimacy can show up (or not) in everything: sex, money, power, family, chores, dreams, morning coffee, and brushing teeth!

We will work together to discover the blocks to intimacy – and then together you can make the choices to work through those blocks.

Time to Grow

If you’re interested, I have developed a gentle and powerful practice for developing couples intimacy, called Lectio Intima.

Spirituality and Health magazine published my article about it in the Jan/Feb 2019 edition.

To know more about this work, please see the page on Guided Retreats.