Integration of Spirituality and
Psychodynamic Modalities

You are not just your thoughts or your body.

There is much, much more going on in you than just you!

According to Shafranske (2009), “Through the psychoanalytic process, one arrives at and comes to know the place where spirituality took its first breath.”

It is possible to achieve a higher state of being.

I have yet to encounter a person in therapy who, whatever their ‘religious’ identification, did not acknowledge the reality of a greater, deeper, higher plane of being from which they felt estranged in one way or another.

Do not let your struggles define you.

Whatever problem or struggle brings you to therapy, you are not that.

No matter how overwhelming or consuming it seems to be, you are more – infinitely more than that.

Focusing on only one part of yourself does not relieve suffering.

Focusing only on ‘the spiritual’ is often, for many, a way of escape from the struggles and suffering of our lives.

Focusing only on our ego’s experience of our problems can often be, as my first psychoanalytic professor said, “licking the wounds of our psychopathology.” It is oddly comforting but doesn’t heal.

Relief requires an integrated self.

Integrating spirituality and psychodynamic modalities is like listening in stereo or seeing with binocular vision, revealing the depth of life and interrelatedness of our seemingly unrelated struggles.

G*d is with us, within us, between us, the deepest ground of our being, and the love that forms and heals us.

Sometimes writing is not enough.

Words and music belong together – the sound of a voice can empower and enrich the meaning of words. The link below invites you to relax and listen. Over time, I will share thoughts here about different spiritual practices that can have deep, positive impact on psychological well-being. May these words bear fruit in you.

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