Lectio Intima

Encountering God leads to transformation.

To see and hear and be seen and heard in a moment of tender encounter with God: this is intimacy that leads to transformation.

Based on the ancient monastic practice of lectio divina, deep and tender knowledge of God is increased through sacred reading of scripture, prayer, and meditation.

Intimacy can be achieved through lectio divina.

By adapting this ancient practice, lectio intima is my dream for helping couples develop intimacy.

Some couples desire a deeper relationship.

Many of us long for a practice that can be shared, a spiritual path that two can walk and enjoy together.

Many couples are looking for a safe way to get to know each other more deeply.

Lectio intima can foster that deeper relationship.

Lectio intima is gentle but strong, nonrigid yet still softly structured, and helps couples enter a conversation with G*d through a sacred text. (How moving… I would never have known that part of you, even after all these years…)

Giving voice to our deepest thoughts is a process.

It takes time to loosen up, to respond in an I-Thou way to a text, to give voice to our own quiet depths, and to trust that our voiced intuitions will be held, heard, and honored.

Let me encourage you to walk this profoundly simple road from reading to feeling to speaking to silence, in a rhythm of loving contemplation.

Please call me at (615) 289-6546 to begin your journey.