Guided Retreats

Building Stronger Relationships

Turning to the mystics and monks for inspiration, I developed Lectio Intima, a contemplative way of listening and reading together that builds intimacy, trust, and compassion.

Creating Deeper Connection for Couples

Designed for use by couples looking for a deeper connection, this path also can be followed by individuals in search of a non-judgmental relationship with the God of their understanding or by groups trying to find a foundation for greater mutual appreciation.

Being Vulnerable and Communicative

Lectio Intima has its roots in the ancient Christian practice of lectio divina, which itself has a strong kinship with PRDS Torah study.

Among the greatest resources of the contemplative tradition, Lectio Intima is a simple way of growing in vulnerability and non-violent communication.

Relationship-Changing Retreats

Retreats can be scheduled to fit your time availability.

Options include weekend retreats, one-day workshops, or regularly scheduled meetings.

Contact me at (615) 289-6546 to set up your own retreat!

For a short introduction to the practice, read the article in Spirituality and Health.