You are more than your thoughts, your habits, your money, your relationships. You are more than the sum of your neurochemistry. One way of saying this: whoever it is you think you are, you are not alone.
Who you are includes your spiritual connection to the universe.

A pastoral therapist takes the spiritual part of your life and your journey seriously.

You may have questions, doubts, longings about your unique spirituality. It is not my job or place to answer questions, settle doubts, or fulfill longings – but I can walk with you on your conscious path of discovery.

You may not have any questions or doubts, but it is good to have someone who also cares deeply about the spiritual part of you to walk with you on the transformative path of therapy.

A rabbi friend was asked, ‘Do you really believe in God?’ His answer: ‘It doesn’t matter. God doesn’t need me to believe. God needs me to fulfill my purpose in the world.’

Frankly, I don’t care what you may or may not believe – but I care about how what you believe affects you, your choices, your dreams and fears; and I’m really interested in understanding with you how your beliefs may be influencing your path, helping or getting in the way of your healing and growth.

I work with atheists, Buddhists, Catholics, Jews, Protestants, and Wiccans. I know that God is more than I can understand on my own. Whatever you may believe, whatever you may doubt, I welcome you.