Can’t push it down any longer?

It’s time to let yourself heal.

Trauma and Abuse Recovery in Nashville

A hurt that threatens to consume your whole life

Every night your sleep is interrupted by nightmares, and your waking energy is sapped by just keeping it all together.

It seems like your life just can’t get any traction, partly because you fear making yourself noticed. Being seen feels like a great risk.

You want to get close to others but find yourself terrified that they will abuse you.

The immediate effects may dissipate, but the shock lingers.

You overanalyze and misinterpret what people say, trying so hard to protect yourself from getting hurt.

Trying to read into every gesture and inflection is exhausting, and you end up just withdrawing from social situations all together.

Now, stuck in a cycle of isolation, you’re even less inclined to step out of your comfort zone to connect with others.

Trauma does not go away on its own.

My promise is to provide a therapeutic space for you where you will not be invaded or abandoned.

Our work will support you to experience recovery, healing, and gentle liberation from the shame that binds, pain that blinds, and isolation that keeps you outside your own life.

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