You were built for love but wired for conflict.

Find out what’s standing in the way of the relationship you want.

Couples Therapy in Nashville, TN

It shouldn’t be this hard.

You find yourself constantly on edge, critical, and criticized.

It would feel so good to reach an understanding in your relationship, but you can’t let your guard down long enough to speak from your heart, much less hear your partner.

Intimacy – we all want it, we need it, we’re made for it.

The yearning for a deeper connection is like a fire in your gut.

Both of you desire the same thing, but something keeps pulling you back into the same hurtful patterns.

Now is the time to discover the blocks in your own lives and find a life-giving way forward together.

Work with a pioneer and take a new path

Underneath your fear, past your pain and anger, higher than your hopes – the way to true intimacy waits before you.

Come and find help that will change your relationship, your marriage, your life.

I can teach you how to slowly, safely, sensitively open your inner selves to each other, in a hostility-free zone.

Take the step that will bring joy to every other step you take.

Learn to connect without conflict – find the love you’re looking for!

My passion is helping you find yours.

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